“Wild & Raw” Foraging Weekend with Robin Harford of Eatweeds.co.uk and Jenny Yemaya HHI

Wild & Raw Weekend 27/28/29th May 2011 –

Nr Beccles, Suffolk, UK

with Robin Harford & Jenny Yemaya HHI

Join us for a residential weekend detox retreat in the Suffolk countryside foraging for wild and free plants, cleansing your body deeply & rejuvenating your spirit. We have an amazing line up of activities for your mind, body & soul…

Dear Detox Lovers,

Yes, I know, ,it all sounds like good fun and it is! But the real question is whats really in it for you? Why take time out of your life to come? We aim to immerse you in an environment that supports you, wherever you are on your journey to wellness. Accelerated growth, unlimited energy, superior health and great lasting friendships are just some of what we can give to you. When we do an event we make sure you get 10 times the value out of it for your investment so that you go home feeling abundant on all levels (except your waistline!).

As well as detoxing, celebrating life, meeting new friends, experiencing communal living and generally having a blast, we lay out structures to ensure you set your intention for creating a more abundant life. That you ground firmly in your body your “ I Am” presence. We ensure you have a plan of what you want to achieve on your journey and we do it while smiling, moving and loving it all the way. We want just one thing, to give you the most inspirational year of transformation and knowledge ever.

“Wild & Raw Schedule”
4pm arrival and welcome wild juice drink
5pm Welcome meeting
7pm Raw Dinner
After dinner movie on wild foods for free

8am-9am Guided Meditation or (weather permitting) outdoor Stretch Class

9am-10am Breakfast

10am – 10.30am – INTRODUCTION
Introduction to foraging for wild edible plants, ethos, sustainability
and finding what level the group wants to work at with the plants we

10.30am – 1.00pm – WILD FOOD WALK
Wild foraging walk and gathering, hopefully stepping into wild time,
where linearity falls away and a timeless present moment appears,
immersed in the hedgerow harvest.

1.00pm – 1.30pm wash and prepare the wild greens

1.30 – 2.30 create delicious, sensually coloured delights from pure
raw, nutrient dense wild plants.

2.30pm – 4.00pm celebrate by sharing a wild raw banquet & chatting about the days harvest with Robin.

Time to dive into some foraging books before dinner or have an infra red sauna or massage.

7pm Raw Dinner

8.30pm Breathwork Meditation with Yemaya


8am-9am Meditation focusing on the natural world

9am-10am Breakfast

10.30am – 1.00pm – WILD FOOD WALK
Wild foraging walk and gathering, hopefully stepping into wild time,
where linearity falls away and a timeless present moment appears,
immersed in the hedgerow harvest.

1pm-2pm preparing our wild and raw harvest lunch

3pm Closing Circle/Retreat Ends

**For those wishing to stay on for the extra Sunday night informal guest stay, (raw dinner~Sunday eve & breakfast on bank holiday monday morning), please contact us for extra charge, Dinner, bed & Breakfast £87pp**.

Robin Harford harvests wild edible plants on a daily basis for his
family, and supplies local restaurants. His wild food foraging courses
have been recommended in the BBC Good Food Magazine, Guardian, GQ etc.
He teaches at Eden Project, has been featured on BBC2’s Edwardian Farm
and consults with TV companies and celebrity chefs.

Raw wild food is the original, true taste of Britain. Master forager
Robin Harford will take you out into the countryside to find and
identify various wild edible plants. After the forage, we’ll all go
back into the kitchen to prepare, create and eat a sumptious, wild raw
food banquet.
In Robins words: “My own plant journey started when I was a child. I’d take myself off for hours at a time exploring the miles of fields and small woods that greeted me at the back of my parents house.

I vividly remember the happiness and joy I experienced lying in glades of bluebells, the sun streaming down through the green leaves of trees that towered above me, deer only a few feet away.

Nature was my playground, and my very conservative mother would continually chastise me for having mud encrusted trousers with knees and backside caked in the deep smell of earth and humus, green stained and grinning like the scallywag that I was.

At school I would run off with my friends across the farmers fields, pick wild berries and nibbly things, and on frosty Autumnal days gorge ourselves on Sweet Chestnuts. And so my love of the land deepened without even realising it, and all the growing, flying, slithering, crawling and walking things on it were seen as friends rather than something to fear. Earth was good, dirt was good.

When I was 19 I moved to North Devon, and discovered land even more wild than that which I knew as a child. I suddenly found myself amongst people who had vast knowledge of crafts, art and country-ways. I was befriended by a couple who would take me out on lazy days and show me the hedgerow larder that was right in front of my eyes.

We feasted on many wild edible plants, including fresh fish caught from the sea only 2 miles away. Good fellowship and good eating.

Circumstances required me to eventually leave, and I entered the world of cities, concrete and steel. I never totally lost my feel for the land, but the responsibility of bringing up a small child meant that my focus went elsewhere, and into earning a living.

Twelve years ago I returned to Devon with my beautiful family, and once again the call of the wild beckoned me, and so I forage, and feast on local food, my wife bartering a few hours work in exchange for our weekly organic vegetable box.

And every day I walk the land and take from it what she chooses to give me, continually learning the ancient art of the forager.”

For your detox delights, Catering the event is Lisa Simpson, the Kitchen Goddess of all things healthy and delicious http://www.rawliberty.co.uk/ Lisa is renowned throughout the UK for her delicious innovative and healthy creations. Lisa perfected how to stay true to yourself and live successfully raw in a cooked food home.

Joe Best will be weaving his unique brand of magic supporting everyone to fully relax and enjoy the event. His special purpose is to help people stand in their power and be totally present to life. http://idetoxholidays.com/our-5-level-approach/

Glowing with Inspiration & ready to assist your transformation is Paulina with sound healing, readings & massage she will awaken your Soul. Paulina is a Visionary, Healer