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Join us as we explore the meaning of the rising of Atlantis in our consciousness. Will there be a corresponding physical raising of Atlantis or is this just a metaphor for the transformation that is occurring in our cosmos and on Earth at this time. You don’t want to miss this powerful program. We invite you to join us and be a part of the shift!

Hello Beloved,

I have been praying for a sign as to how i should proceed with a 13 year dream i have been manifesting….So i am sending this out there in the hope that you may be able to help, for you to share this with as many people as you can and to tell you a little about this journey and project…

In 1998 i sold everything i owned and set off on a sacred journey. The burning questions of “Who am I” & “Where did I come from” needed answering and couldn’t wait any longer.

My journey & a string of magical co-incidences led me to the Maya lands of Mexico and Central America, eventually leading to the island of Bimini, Bahamas with its Atlantean legends. Bimini was Ernest Hemingway’s island hideaway and the place that Martin Luther King retreated to in order to write his famous speech “I have a dream”. Many life readings from Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, spoke of past lives in Atlantis and proof of it would be discovered in 1968 off Bimini, which is the exact year the Stones of Atlantis were discovered off shore.

As soon as i arrived on the island i felt as if i had come home. I arrived on the island with $20 to my name, nowhere to live, not knowing anyone on the island and not even a ticket home. I had been following a path of synchronicities that had led me this far, i knew i just had to trust. I walked down the street and bought some bananas from a store. The Bahamian lady asked me what i was doing on the island and i told her my story, how i was in search of the origins of our civilisation and that i wanted to swim with the wild dolphins around the island. She offered me a boathouse to stay in that belonged to a man she worked for who was not on the island for a few more days, but she thought it would be fine as he liked having guests to stay. I settled into the boathouse, complete with camp bed and outside shower and went for a walk on the beach.

As i walked along the beach a man with a long white beard approached me, he was English and was surprised to meet a fellow Brit. He too asked what i was doing on the island and i began to recount my story. Nodding his head and stroking his beard, he let me finish, then asked if i would like to work for him as he owned a dolphin swim company on the island!

Within hours of arriving on the island i had found a place to live and got myself a job with wild dolphins! There was only one problem, i was afraid of water and not a strong swimmer, having never swum under water or even out of my depth. But help was at hand and the wife of the owner taught me each day on the shoreline how to snorkel and gain my confidence until i was ready to go out to sea. Before i knew it i was like a mermaid, happier in the water than out with all the joy that a whole new underwater world can bring.

Manifestation on the island seemed instant and magical. I was in need of a new pair of shorts having travelled in mine for over a year, they were getting a bit threadbare. But there was no where to buy any on the island, so i went for a walk on the beach. A wave rolled in in front of me and there in the tide was a pair of denim shorts! I picked them out of the surf, they still had the label on them, albeit wet, were my size and even had rainbow thread down each side! I took them home and washed them, they fitted perfectly :-)

Many magical things happened on Bimini…Swimming daily with the wild dolphins is the most heart opening experience. There is something about a wild animal, voluntarily finding you in miles of ocean, swimming in total synchronicity, spiralling around eye to eye. All time stands still and you are just in the moment, the sunbeams dancing through the turquoise water, silver bubbles glimmering as they rise to the surface, the total bliss and joy of being immersed in such unconditional interspecies love. There is nothing like it.

We had children come, two in particular stand out in my memory…One with autism who said “Mama” for the first time after being in the water with the dolphins…And another with cerebral palsy who arrived in a wheel chair being fed through a tube down his nose. On day two he removed the tube and began swallowing food again and by day 3 with help he was standing and taking steps for the first time in 2 years. Moving does not describe it. The dolphins seem to be able to rejuvenate the cellular memory, sonaring you from head to toe, tuning into to dis-ease and re-attuning you, bringing new life to your cells through total bliss.

A few weeks into my stay on the island i had a dream that i was back thousands of years in time, during the time of Atlantis. I was standing in the middle of a stone circle on a small harbour peninsular in Miami (50 miles from Bimini), performing a ceremony. I was aware that this sacred site was on an exact east west alignment on the planetary grid with the Bimini/Atlantis site. Around me where artifact’s, a dolphin skull, the skeleton of a shark and in the direction of the east towards Bimini, an eye carved into the stone. The dream was so real that when i woke up in the morning i asked the people i was staying with if there was a stone circle on a harbour entrance in Miami. They laughed at me and thought i was crazy. A few days later they returned to their farm in Miami. When they came back out to the island 3 weeks later, Dougie said to me “I don’t know how you do that funny stuff and i don’t want to know. But that dream you told me about, well they just discovered it last week in Miami”. It has since been deemed as America’s earliest known site. The artifact’s found, the eye carved into the stone on the east alignment, the site being in an exact east west alignment with Bimini, everything was exact as i had dreamed it…But i had the dream 3 weeks before they discovered it hidden under the foundations of an old apartment block and up for redevelopment. The BBC/Horizon made a documentary about it, now known as The Miami Circle, the earliest they can date it to is the earliest known inhabitants of the area, the Tequesta Indians, who i have no doubt inhabited the site at a later date. But the origins i know to be Atlantean.

I cannot go into the full story here (I am writing a book about it all), but after 2 years on the island i ended up back in the UK. My life changed completely and i felt my spirit drain from me throughout 7 years of a toxic relationship, lifestyle and environment. As the Universe does, it tripped me up and sent me off in a new direction. I ended up going for training at The Hippocrates Health Institute in South Florida, qualifying as a Health Educator in 2008. I decided to put together everything that had made a positive impact on my life and created idetoxhoidays retreats, swimming with the wild dolphins, yoga, transformational breathwork and eating raw foods.

At the end of my stay in Florida, an old friend of mine (see profile photo) named Lee who owned property on Bimini got back in touch with me, he was dying of cancer. He came to stay with me and the girl friend i was living with, we helped him juice and do enemas, but his cancer was too far gone and he passed over. Lee had a dream that one day his cottages on the island would be a healing center and place of spiritual growth for those connected with the Atlantean energies. Although he let the cottages out to groups, he never fulfilled his dream.

Lee’s family have made a deal with me, knowing that i share the same vision, to create a healing retreat on the island. The cottages are perfect, but need remodelling and renovating. There is a 100ft dock for boats, with the most incredible sunrise views, perfect for morning yoga and meditation. Once renovated the cottages will accommodate groups of 20+ people for sacred journeys. The name for the center was given to me 13 years ago while at the Vortex, The ARC (Atlantis Rejuvenation Center). We have a great team of dedicated staff, each with their own talents to contribute to the project.

As 2012 begins, we will be recreating a healing center on Bimini/Atlantis, anchoring the energies of light and rejuvenation on to the planetary grid at a major vortex point based on the Essene principals. Others have been called to create centers elsewhere, gradually connecting up the dots of the grid and once again opening up the channels of healing on and for the planet.

At the start of October 2011 we met as a group with Lee’s family to scatter his ashes on the water at the center, then head to the beach to watch the sunset and set our intentions for The ARC. Lee and i talked a few days before he passed over and i asked him to send me a sign from the other side. As we stood on the beach, Lee’s face appeared in profile in the clouds (see photo below), like he was smiling down on our vision. Our vision is being created, a permanent retreat center on the island, offering weekly retreats, based on the Essene traditions of raw living foods, swimming with wild dolphins, yoga, breathwork, food preparation classes & demo’s and other themed weeks. The center will also be available to hire by other facilitators wishing to host group retreats or private holidays. We also plan to give educational talks to the local Bahamian people on health through nutrition and exercise (as there is a high rate of cancer, diabetes and heart disease on the islands). We plan to offer (as funding allows) sponsored trips to people in need, either health wise or emotionally. And to create an organic farm on the island with our aim to become self sufficient as much as is possible.

Lee’s family made us an amazing offer for the property and we have now raised the deposit and some of the renovation costs in order to go ahead with the purchase and begin the project, so now we are looking to raise the finance to finish the remodelling and renovations and build onto what already exists. We need to raise in the region £140,000 for repairs to the dock, sea wall & properties and to extend the property out further. We are also setting a pitch on kickstarter.com, to raise funding for the kitchen & equipment we need. We are looking for pledges of money in whatever increments you can afford to try and raise the funds we need to get this project further underway.  Below is what we can offer you in return for your donation.

  • Donation £25 A free signed copy of my Book once published.
  • Donation £50 A free signed copy of my book once published, plus an idetox recipe ebook.
  • Donation of up to £1,000 A free signed copy of my book once published, plus an idetox recipe ebook, plus a voucher for 10% of the amount donated to be used against any  retreat (valid for a period of 12 months following receipt of donation) *
  • Donations in excess of £1,000 (in minimum increments of £250) up to £2,500 A free signed copy of my book once published, plus an idetox recipe ebook, with a voucher for 12.5% of the amount donated to be used against any  retreat (valid for 15 months following receipt of donation)*
  • Donations in excess of £2,500 (in minimum increments of £500) up to £5,000 A free signed copy of my book once published, plus an idetox recipe ebook, with a voucher for 15% to be used against any one of Idetox holiday retreat(s) and (valid 18 months from receipt of donation)*
  • Donations in excess of £5,000 (in minimum increments of £1,000) up to £10,000 A free signed copy of my book once published, plus an idetox recipe ebook, with a voucher for 17.5% to be used against any one of Idetox holiday or ARC retreats and (valid for 24 months from receipt of donation).
  • Donations in excess of £10,000 (in minimum increments of £2,500) up to £25,000 A free signed copy of my book once published, plus an idetox recipe ebook, with a voucher for 20% and (valid for 36 months from receipt of donation) to be used against any one of Idetox holiday or ARC retreats.
  • Donations in excess of £25,000 (in minimum increments of £5,000) up to £50,000 A free signed copy of my book once published, plus an idetox recipe ebook, with a voucher for 22.5% and (valid 48 months from receipt of donation), to be used against any one of Idetox holiday or ARC retreats.
  • Donations in excess of £50,000 (in minimum increments of £10,000) A free signed copy of my book once published, plus an idetox recipe ebook, with a voucher for 25% and (valid 60 months from receipt of donation), to be used against any one of Idetox holiday or ARC retreats.

** Vouchers can only be used against holiday retreats and have no monetary value and are not transferable except between family members. Please copy and paste the following with your pledge in an email to: rawdolphins@live.com Along with any further questions you may have.

I……………………Pledge £………………….. to the creation of The ARC, Bimini. We will contact you with further details of the project and how to remit funds once we have received your pledge, however no actual funds will be requested prior to the end date for fundraising. All pledges are to be received prior to the end of 2012. In the unlikely event that we do not reach our target, no funds will be taken. All funds will be donations (there are no shares available).

The mind is always trying to take over and worry about “how” to put together the last pieces of this amazing puzzle, worrying about where the money will come from to finish the project. But in my heart i know that it is birthing and all is in divine plan. After my prayers last night, i woke up to this message from the Universe in my inbox :)

“Be there, Jenny Yemaya. Go there now and never leave. Imagine that your dreams have already come true. Live your life from that mindset. Predicate your behavior on that reality, not the illusions that now surround you. Filter every thought, question, and answer from there. Let your focus shift and be born again – because dwelling from, not upon, the space you want to inherit is the fastest way to change absolutely everything”. See the difference? The Universe

Any thoughts, ideas, help that you can offer is humbly and gratefully received. Those of you who have experienced Bimini with us will know what we mean by how incredible this place and this project will be. Words cannot express how dear to my heart this project is, if you have any further questions please email me.

Hope to see you soon,

In love, peace and gratitude,


January 2013 update: We worked the hardest we have ever worked in 2012 and renovated The ARC and opened for our first retreat in December. It was very rewarding to see everyone here enjoying themselves and loving our new retreat center. We look forward to welcoming you in 2013 to join us for a transformational journey

August 2012 Update…We are about half way through the renovations at The ARC, as always these things take longer than one expects, but we are getting there!! We plan to start retreats from the end of September onwards.

March 2012 Update…We begin work on The ARC in April 2012 and our retreats will begin in August 2012. The funding is flowing gradually toward this grand divine plan and we have even had kitchen equipment donatated..Yay! But there is still much to do, so please spread the word, and if you can donate, however small an amount, know that it will be gratefully received and put to good use. If you have a website that you can add a link to our site please get in touch for a banner.